To be perfectly candid..

To be perfectly Candid

  • I don’t like raw fish

I don’t like the texture nor the taste. But I do love sushi with cooked fish/meats.

  • I’m hypocritical.

I often advise people to do things that I myself can’t do. I chastise people for making the same mistakes that I do. I scoff at people not strong enough to make decisions I too, am not strong enough to make. — Perhaps I get so mad at them because I’m just like them?

  • I’m a let down to myself. 

I am aware of my potential, yet do not have the willpower nor the dedication to fulfil it.

  • (Yet somehow) I can be quite arrogant sometimes. 

I can have a high and mighty attitude. Not outwardly, I don’t act haughty to people’s faces, but I sometimes find myself thinking things that are extremely conceited, and often times, unearned.

  • I’m open-minded, but simultaneously I am close-minded. 

I am open-minded, I (on the most part) like to think that I’m pretty accepting of others, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, occupation etc. But when people challenge my views I can be quite close-minded, and it’s hard for me to intake their opinions from an objective standpoint.

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