I love being Cozy, doesn’t everyone?

Being cozy is being safe, secure, happy, content… at peace.

When I think of cosy, I think of it as a fleeting feeling, a small moment in time; one that has to be cherished.

For me, cosiness is almost a foreign concept, as for me to feel truly cosy, I’d have to have come to terms with everything that’s happening in my life at that time, and be truly content and at peace with it. I feel like those moments are quite rare for me. Though, I think that might just be a lot of denial and inappreciativeness on my part to be honest (which is a problem that I know I need to work on).

The last time I felt cosy.. I can’t remember to be honest. It’s been a month since I’ve lost contact with a close friend of mine, and though I can’t remember the exact occasion, I’m sure the last time I would’ve felt cosy was having had a good, warm conversation with him before sleeping. I remember associating a lot of cosiness with that. He often had that effect, the ability to make me feel content, even when things weren’t perfect.

Though I know he can longer be my source of cosiness, I hope I find something or someone else with the same effect soon.


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